Nick Jonas – Introducing Me [video y letra]

Nick Jonas – Introducing Me [video y letra]

Video de Nick Jonas – Introducing Me

Letra de Introducing Me, Nick Jonas

I’m good wasting time
I think the lyrics need to rhyme
and you are not asking
but I’m trying to grow a moustache

I eat cheese
but only on pizza, please
and sometimes on a home made quesadilla
Otherwise, it smells like feet to me
And I, I really like when the Moon looks like a toenail
And I love when you say my name
If you wanna know, here it goes,
gonna tell you this part of me that shows,
if we’re close gonna let you see

Everything, but remember that you asked for it
I’m trying to do my best to impress but it’s easier to let you take a guess
Said the rest that you wanna hear what
You lives in my brain
My heart, well, you asked for it
For you are perusin’
At times confusin’
Slightly amusin’
Introducing me

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